Value Proposition Design

In any start up journey, Value Proposition Design should feature  from the early stages of design and throughout product or service development .  Key benefits: Organise your  customer discovery research and outcomes  Test and measure low fidelity prototypes and make the most of your budget  De-risk your new product or service and strengthen your financial […]

Celebrating Innovation in Life Sciences

News As Non Exec and Chair of the HRSIG for OBN, this years Awards were a cause for celebration in many ways.  Most importantly, giving recognition to the incredible hard work, tenacity and achievements of an industry that can count over 6,300 businesses and generates over £80.7bn and employing over 256k people.  Alongside this, the […]

Women’s Health Strategy for England

Policy Paper Ministerial foreword “This country’s health and care system belongs to us all, and it must serve us all. However, sadly, 51% of the population faces obstacles when it comes to getting the care they need. Although women in the UK on average live longer than men, women spend a significantly greater proportion of their […]