Celebrating Innovation in Life Sciences


As Non Exec and Chair of the HRSIG for OBN, this years Awards were a cause for celebration in many ways.  Most importantly, giving recognition to the incredible hard work, tenacity and achievements of an industry that can count over 6,300 businesses and generates over £80.7bn and employing over 256k people.  Alongside this, the introduction of the nominees commitments to  diversity, equity and inclusion to highlight the challenges that women face. A recent report by business wire highlightd that ““Our findings demonstrate considerable room for improvement in gender parity within the leadership of life science consulting,” said Leslie Orne, Chief Client Officer, Trinity Life Sciences. “To consistently improve, understanding internal barriers is crucial. Many of these are unintentional and invisible. For example, analysis of hire-in and promotion timelines by gender would help elucidate when and why the gender gap forms within life science consulting companies.” 

And finally on a purely selfish note, I was delighted to be invited to join the Judging Panel and gain exciting insights into the incredible work of inspiring people. 

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