Innovation management is the process of developing innovative ideas from inception through implementation to successful introduction.

Gathering and puling multiple elements together. Discovering, testing, and adapting the critical strands of people, ideas, systems, technology and value.  Ultimately aligning feasibility, visibility and desirability. 

A continuous process

Innovation is continuous. We encourage our clients to use a Design Thinking approach, which focuses on an iterative process of understanding your potential customers needs and assessing if your solution is feasible, viable and desirable. This process informs the value proposition and develops an approach that ensures continuous connection with your customers.  

How to navigate "The Messy Middle"

“We celebrate starts and finishes, but rarely discuss the messy journey in between, where odds are defied and great teams and products are ultimately made.” Scott Belsky

The messy middle is the hardest part of any innovation journey. Between the energy of the start and achieving the ultimate goal, there’s a period of  uncertainty, risk, reluctant acceptance of the need to adapt and no clear view of the end. Resourcefulness,  courage, commitment, resilience and the ability to be vulnerable are not only useful, they are essential. Trusted, external support can help the transition and embed a  learning and adaptive environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is all innovation the same ?


Where and when does incremental innovation work?

Innovation is increasingly recognised as an essential way for a company to maintain or grow their market position. Innovation within organisations is fundamentally dependent on the strength of the leadership team. Workshops with vision toolkits can be an excellent way to bring teams together for collaborative innovation.

What is breakthrough innovation?

True breakthrough innovation is when entrepreneurs and innovators recognise the distinct need for radical change and the outcome fundamentally shifts the way we do things. The opportunity for growth is higher but carries a much higher risk element. Breakthrough innovation unlocks original ideas and extreme problem-solving capabilities.

How can innovation be sustainable?

ESG’s – Environmental , Social and Governance have become an increasingly critical element of business. We focus on the intersection of innovation and sustainability, helping clients shift from the single bottom line to a forward-thinking strategy that embraces an inclusive approach to people, planet, profit and purpose.

What is disruptive innovation?

Disruptive technology causes major change in the way consumers, businesses and industries operate. When new technologies are applied to existing structures or systems to change the way we interact or apply them, we are talking about disruptive innovation, disruptive technology replaces existing methods of solving problems.

What is innovation?

What does innovation mean? Innovation can refer to something new, such as an invention, or the practice of developing and introducing new things. An innovation is often a new product, but it can also be a new way of doing something or even a new way of thinking

Sharing examples of our work - How organisations strive to innovate from within


Versus Arthritis

Versus Arthritis is the UK’s largest charity dedicated to supporting people with arthritis. It was launched in September 2018, following the legal merger of the two leading arthritis charities in the UK, Arthritis Research UK and Arthritis Care in November 2017. We were delighted to join  assessing  innovative applications. 

Design Council

Three years of participation in the Design Council Tech Spark Challenge as a member of the Judging Panel, to assess over 360 applications per year from participants in a 16 week design accelerator competition to support inventors to prototype and test their ideas, develop business plans ad take them to market.



Working with the Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge alongside Dr Helen Meese we  contributed to a bespoke program combining classroom teaching, interactive workshops & coaching. In 2022 the program was delivered via a hybrid solution which enabled students working outside the UK to participate.