Value Proposition Design

In any start up journey, Value Proposition Design should feature  from the early stages of design and throughout product or service development .

 Key benefits:

  • Organise your  customer discovery research and outcomes 
  • Test and measure low fidelity prototypes and make the most of your budget 
  • De-risk your new product or service and strengthen your financial strategy  
  • Enable you and your team to find the “Fit” between what your customers want and need and the value you are creating with your product or service features 

Moving from a smart idea to a product or service that’s market ready,is exciting, challenging and can, if not managed well,  feel like seating on the front seat of a runner away roller-coaster. 

In our Innovation Incubator programs, our sessions on Value Proposition Design form a core element of the program  that helps draw together  Feasibility, Desirability and Viability.  #

In summary – does it work, do the finances add up and who’s going to buy it? 

Through a low cost and low risk process – you and your team can learn together and demonstrate to your funding body or investors your rigorous approach to sustainable innovation, 



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