"What we know matters but who we are matters more".

Brené Brown

Wilkinson Hall was formed to bring together diversity of thought, from people with vastly different perspectives and professional  expertise. As a result of positive and successful collaborations, we brought together a trusted and thriving community of individual specialists. In different ways each one of us has spent our professional lives, supporting others, building teams and driving innovation. We have a robust commitment to partnering with our clients and investing in continuous learning to ensure we deliver value and authenticity and sustainable business strategies.

We support entrepreneurs, innovators, business owners and those with curious minds

ImagineIF 2019
oman Export Week

In October 2019, I was invited to Oman Export Week (OEW19)  organised by Ithraa Oman’s award-winning inward investment and export development agency. Building a strong infrastructure is key in Oman’s  plans to diversify the economy and create growth. I designed a New Product Development Workshop, Participants were invited to form 8 new virtual start-ups and work together through the opportunities and challenges facing entrepreneurs looking to build a successful export business. 

OET Awards 2019

IMAGINE IF! is a global accelerator with a dedicated program of mentorship and the opportunity to pitch to an investor panel to win non-dilutive capital and six-month’s lab space. The competition is tailored to early state ideas with a particular focus on technology and science that transforms healthcare and the environment. The competition is run by Innovation Forum as Local Finals tied to Innovation Forum branches (like Oxford) and a Global Final of winners from across the globe.

Group Shot Oman Workshop
Oxford Enterprise Trust

The Oxford Enterprise Awards  recognise and celebrate the breadth of innovative companies and individuals working in the science and technology industry in the Oxford region today.The awards are a showcase for Oxfordshire’s high-tech industry and celebrate entrepreneurs and start-ups who are just setting out on their journey to success as well as established tech businesses and individuals who have made an impact on the economy through innovation. The awards have been running since 2005. 

Wilkinson Hall

Built on sustainable foundations

We are a collective of amazing people striving to increase the long term value and positive impacts of innovation.

Wilkinson Hall was founded in October 2019 by Angela Hobbs.  Our values are focused on our interpretation of the Quadruple Bottom Line, People, Planet, Profit, Purpose. We endeavour to do the right thing socially, environmentally and profit-wise. For our clients, collaborators, partners and suppliers. 


As Principal Coach, Angela Hobbs, founder of Wilkinson Hall is as committed to supporting the innovators as the innovation. Teams that can discuss ideas freely, challenge without repercussions and bring their uniqueness to every conversation – are highly likely to thrive. To enable teams to work in this way, they need leaders to create an environment which is built on equity, diversity and inclusion. In our work we recognise the challenges facing every leader and our exceptional network of professional and externally accredited coaches bring new thinking, extensive experience to every client.