The value of coaching

Our connection with people and a strong commitment to support them through challenges and opportunities is our core motivation. 

Through continuous learning and practise, we understand that one of the most powerful ways to do this, is to create a space where the person in front of you can heard. 

How we coach

While we apply our business experience, it is critical that our team recognise the uniqueness of the thinking and behaviours that drive our clients. At the start of any coaching engagement, we establish how we work and whether that works for you. Our work is aligned to the ICF coaching competencies


After years of coaching and mentoring as part of our business consultancy and innovation management in February 2022 Angela Hobbs,  Wilkinson Hall founder  joined the Executive Professional Coaching Program at Henley Business School.  The experience was another validation for the importance of external learning and collaboration. 

Specialisms & Expertise

During the pandemic we partnered with external networks to develop spaces where people could share ideas, enable development and stay connected. We delivered and contributed to over 150 live workshops and webinars to provide spaces to be heard.

Our initiatives included an online Accelerator, a  women’s membership group, online innovation programs, Accessible Success program, the importance of branding and a workplace menopause group.We continue our work with those partners today.