The Value of Coaching

What is coaching? Jonathan Passmore, Professor of Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School talks about a return to the heart of coaching, unlearning the elements that get in the way and being wholly in service of the client.  Coaching is enabling people to reconnect with their potential to maximise their own performance,  creating a space where the person in front of you can be really heard in a secure and vault like space. 

Professional Expertise

 At the start of any coaching engagement, we schedule a chemistry session, to explain  how we work and whether our approach  aligns with our clients needs. Our work is aligned to the ICF coaching competencies and four members of our team have successfully completed the Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching at Henley Business School.

How to use a Toolkit

We begin with communication and that remains our focus point, we bring collaborative learning and training to your team, with a workshop delivered directly to your  organisation. Alternatively we can create a bespoke program to discover your specific needs. With each option we offer team or individual Executive Coaching for participants to ensure the value and learning remains within your team.  The reverse approach is also a very successful route for team development. After a program of Executive Coaching, we  work with clients to assess the needs of the team and we deliver an  interactive workshop to build trust and engagement.

Specialisms & Expertise

Throughout the pandemic we partnered with organisations to create spaces where people could share ideas, explore business challenges, chat with specialists and stay connected. We delivered and contributed to over 150 live workshops and webinars, including Accelerator Programs, Female Leadership Groups,  an Accessible Success program for side hustlers and co-authored two externally accredited workplace menopause training programs. We continue our work with those partners today.