Student Entrepreneurs Oxford University

Imagine.. it’s a Monday morning, early July in Oxford and it feels as if everyone has left for the summer. The roads are quiet and there’s a surprising lack of bicycles.. which is odd given Oxford has the most active cyclists in the country. 

But on this particular Monday I am standing in front of a giant screen and looking at an incredible group of students who are about to start a four week intensive program for Entrepreneurs. This is the start of an amazing journey that I  have been lucky enough to be involved in since 2019. 

On the last day of this program nine teams will pitch to a room full of investors, Oxford University alumni and successful founders.

But between now and then my colleague Paul Inness and I will be running daily workshops to accelerate ideas to a successful value proposition and of course… an outstanding pitch. 

This photo really says it all… these are the winners. But, and I will step lightly over the clichés.. …but have to say every team humbled me  – for their incredible dedication, smart work and collaborative spirit. 

Apparently ambition and kindness are a force to be reckoned with. 

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