Is It Just Me?


Having waded through multiple tech predictions for 2023 – I was left with that dull rinse and repeat feeling. Hadn’t I read this before, 12 months ago? In some cases, the tech prediction was so important it was repeated three times….Cyber, Cyber, Cyber!!! 

I am going to go off grid here, far from the heady, excitable and ever fluctuating world of start-ups, investments and exits and suggest some alternative predictions. Firmly focused on one of the best shifts in 2022 -the opportunity to reconnect, meet with people and have conversations, about things other than hybrid working. 

Despite rising travel costs, the increasing perceived need to work all hours at my kitchen table and be permanently on zoom,  I took every opportunity to connect in person.

What happened, beyond any performance related statistics, was a return to my most fulfilling way of working and in the process, I remembered that my greatest source of personal renewable  energy is being with people. 

Whilst this sentiment is totally lacking in originality, I noticed that whenever I said how good it was to be in the same space, everyone joined in, sharing stories and revealing more than a little relief, that for now it was over. 

Is it just me, became my mantra, I stopped worrying about stating the obvious and openly admitted my relief at being in the same space as 3D humans, being humans. 

I created many opportunities, I began and completed an Executive Coaching Program at Henley Business School spending seven full days with 30 new connections. I co- delivered eleven live face to face workshops, one lasting seven hours,   hosted an in-person panel discussion, sat in on a live, vibrant pitching contest and was a real live judge at the OBN Life Sciences Awards in London.  Those were my highlights, because I can recall who I met, what happened next and how it felt.   

My prediction for 2023 – is that the value of person to person connectivity will increase and amongst a myriad of remote alternatives, that value will remain. 

I accept that 2020 created digital societies and that  has increased accessibility, which I embrace and celebrate.  But my research reveals  it’s not just me, that gets a little giddy in the company of people. 

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