We enable innovators, entrepreneurs, business owners and those with curious minds to maximise the value of their ideas

Our Focus

Innovators & Innovation

We work in two clear and distinct ways. We support entrepreneurs, innovators, business owners and leaders to design and develop products, services, business models and strategies to successfully drive sustainable innovation. While simultaneously recognising that every innovator, with a passion for change, improvement or radical disruption, needs a vault like place, to share ideas, challenges, concerns – a place to recharge. We bring our Executive Coaching professional expertise to  innovators, leaders, founders and business owners.  And those about to begin. 

Innovation Programs

Guiding ideas towards success

We design and deliver innovation programs for early stage start-ups, scale ups and within organisations. Our team is led by Angela Hobbs and Paul Inness who apply their combined expertise and experience to every program, through interactive workshops, pitching sessions and the use of professional toolkits.

Executive Coaching

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Our Professional coaching is focused on overall development. We have seen from direct experience how coaching accelerates the personal development of entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders. Our work is future focused, we feed forward by working with your purpose and goals.  We have a strong commitment to the International Coaching Federation philosophy, “Honouring the client as the expert in their life” and bring an understanding of the entrepreneurial journey which enables us to work with you to navigate the personal and business impacts, opportunities and challenges. As thinking partners, we enable you to expand your own development.


Your success story.

What does successful business growth mean to you? What are you building, what support do you have and what do you need? From developing the team you need to thrive, to preparing for a critical investment pitch,  we work in an iterative process, closely linked to the principles of Design Thinking – a comprehensive balance of discovery, ideation, testing, implementation and measurable outcomes.

Business & Innovation Toolkits

Building and embedding value

We use a range of business canvases and toolkits to ensure inclusivity and accessibility, designed to work at every level within your organization, we bring the the value of problem solving and a solutions approach to achieve outstanding outcomes. We use tools to capture current knowledge and share different perspectives to develop the best solutions to challenges and opportunities.


What people say

Angela Hobbs is the epitome of a strong, kind and empathetic female leader, which I strive to match as I continue my own self development. Angela goes beyond the norm. Her view of failure is refreshing, an ethos of opportunity to learn and adapt, rather than stigmatised. She challenges and champions those around her, creates a safe space in which to innovate and develop
Roberta Hardwick
Organisational Design SPECIALIST
Although it was generally agreed I was ‘good with horses’ I had no idea how to transfer that knowledge and ability into an international business and most importantly how I would turn it into a business I’d enjoy and find incredibly fulfilling for the next twenty five years. Angela Hobbs has been there as a creative business influence and strategic consultant through every stage and has continually added immeasurable value. Navigating calmly through periods of change, sharing her knowledge to support our growth and guiding us brilliantly through some quite choppy waters at times. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
Kelly Marks
Some people give you lightbulb moments , Angela Hobbs gives you chandliers
Deb Gilby
My feedback to you is exceptionally positive, that exponential ingredient combined in the few with the knowledge, experience and competence at business, consulting, creativity and facilitating learning that you have is a big differentiator.
Tom Richards
Tech Entrepreneur

Clients & Collaborations

Enabling a culture of innovation