We empower entrepreneurs, innovators, creators, business owners & those with curious minds to succeed through Executive Coaching, Innovation Management & Sustainability Strategies

Developing Feasible, Desirable & Viable Solutions

We focus on the essential innovation elements of  feasibility, viability, and desirability. This integrated approach ensures that new ideas, products, services  and regulated medical devices are not only possible and profitable but also needed and valued by the market and users.

Creating & Developing High-Performance Teams

A trusted team culture serves as the foundation for collaboration and  innovation, shaping the way team members interact, solve problems, and work together. Build trust, respect, and open communication, a team with shared values and visions, drives motivation.  


Edge Ways presents a distinctive outlook for individuals who aren’t fans of instruction manuals, maps, or assembly guides, appealing to those who prefer unconventional paths and possess an insatiable curiosity, often pondering “what if”,  “why not” and “let’s test”!


It has been said ....

Angela Hobbs is the epitome of a strong, kind and empathetic female leader, which I strive to match as I continue my own self development. Angela goes beyond the norm. Her view of failure is refreshing, an ethos of opportunity to learn and adapt, rather than stigmatised. She challenges and champions those around her, creates a safe space in which to innovate and develop
Roberta Hardwick
Organisational Design SPECIALIST
Although it was generally agreed I was ‘good with horses’ I had no idea how to transfer that knowledge and ability into an international business and most importantly how I would turn it into a business I’d enjoy and find incredibly fulfilling for the next twenty five years. Angela Hobbs has been there as a creative business influence and strategic consultant through every stage and has continually added immeasurable value. Navigating calmly through periods of change, sharing her knowledge to support our growth and guiding us brilliantly through some quite choppy waters at times. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
Kelly Marks
Some people give you lightbulb moments , Angela Hobbs gives you chandliers
Deb Gilby
My feedback to you is exceptionally positive, that exponential ingredient combined in the few with the knowledge, experience and competence at business, consulting, creativity and facilitating learning that you have is a big differentiator.
Tom Richards
Tech Entrepreneur
I worked with Angela Hobbs for twenty years because she is exceptionally good at what she does.
Guy Zitter
MANAGING DIRECTOR Daily MAil & GENERal trust's mail newspap
Thank you for the amazing and positive energy you brought every day. It was a pleasure and a privilege getting to know you.
DataOx Team