Who We Are


Behind The Name

 Wilkinson Hall is named after two inspiring women. Mary Stacey Wilkinson was our founder CEO's maternal grandmother.  She built a successful hotel business, raised two children and maintained an amazing sense of humour, while her husband travelled the world playing international cricket. Her daughter, Christine Hall inherited a strong entrepreneurial spirit and her  drive and resilience enabled her sports business to succeed in a highly competitive environment. 


International Management

 Angela Hobbs, Wilkinson Hall founder, created her first  company in the '90's designing international symposiums and international events for Guy Zitter, MD of the UK's largest newspaper brand.  He invited Angela to pitch for one project which resulted  in 20 years of international consultancy and a C Suite client list.  Guy was an amazing client, challenging, but always fair. One encounter highlights the importance of getting out of the office and building long term trusted client relationships. 


FemTech Product Launch 2020

 Wilkinson Hall is designing innovative products and services positioned  in the FemTech industry, a subset of apps and gadgets geared at enhancing women’s well-being. Technology catering to women's health hasn't historically received much venture capital funding—but that's starting to change. We are delighted to be working with Oxford Computer Consultants,  to create CarriMe, available in April 2020.  We are supported by De Montfort University and their wonderful team.  


Our Team

We are a collaborative team, each bringing unique specialisms and experience in business disciplines, including strategy, talent liberation, engineering, policy, healthcare and well being. 

Marketing communications and client experience. 

Bringing Value Through Collaborative Partnerships